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Yoga for families

Family yoga on Wednesdays from 5 PM to 5:45 PM
Price: 20 € / child + adult. € 5 for each additional person.

Family yoga is a delightful hobby for children aged 3-10 and their adults. In family yoga, an adult and a child do yoga together, side by side on their own mats. Everyone does the same movements, everybody in their own style, and no previous experience in yoga is required. The class is followed by a yoga tale, at the pace of which yoga movements suitable for every body are performed. In addition, we always do small concentration and breathing exercises.

Family yoga is a wonderful different way to nurture the connection between a child and an adult. A playful yet relaxing environment makes it easy to stay in touch. It acts as a good relaxation in the middle of everyday life.

The class gives you a possibility to stop for a moment, and gives the opportunity to improve self-knowledge and presence through self-examination. It is currently improving a child’s self-esteem and self-regulatory skills. Yoga can help to practice self-regulation, that is, to recognize, perceive, and be present with various internal impulses and emotions. The class always has an accepting atmosphere.

During the weekly lessons of family yoga, we always move at the same pace for two weeks in a row, so that children as well as adults have the opportunity to recognize the similarities and differences between classes. It is an important skill that helps us respect the fact that each of us have different days and different states of mind. Sometimes concentrating and exercising feels as easy as doing hay, and sometimes it can feel almost impossible to sit still for a while. What is important is that from an early age, children have the opportunity to experience that all the states of the body and mind are acceptable, and at the same time they can learn new ways to accept themselves even in worse moments.

Every yoga class has a theme emphasizing that we are all important and perfect just the way we are, despite of all our differences.

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Family yoga class includes

  • Breath observation
  • Song
  • Yoga
  • A moment of relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercises that make you smile

In addition, we may do an extra pair of exercises or assignments.

For kids

  • Yoga is for everyone! Exercises do not have to be done in a certain way and they cannot be done wrong. The most important thing is that your body movement feels good.
  • Yoga is not meant to be forced. If you feel pain, stop the movement immediately and tell the adult what is hurting.
  • The class can be quiet. That's makes it easier to listen to your own body.
  • During the hour you get to feel a lot of different sentiments. You can feel funny, boring, lovely - anything goes.

For adults

You can participate in yoga with your own child, grandchild, godchild, or any other child who is important to you.

  • Yoga is an exercise where everything is allowed. This means that the child is not instructed to move in a certain way, and no one corrects, compares, or criticizes the child during the hour.
  • Cell phones and cameras rest closed during yoga class.
  • Everyone is free to tell how they feel.
  • And most importantly, I encourage you to leave your "adult self" for the duration of the yoga class so you can let your inner child participate in the play. It is also a great gift for the child to see a significant adult at play.

Are you interested in family yoga with your family or with a group of friends? Private groups are also possible, either in the Soltorp Hall or in the garden, or in a place of your choice in Eastern Uusimaa. See more details here.

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